The game’s on and you’re invited! Join us for the fifth edition of Discdate, a one-day open beach tournament in Zandvoort. Intense games, lots of fun and great food. You don’t want to miss this!

Date Saturday 23th September
TBA in Zandvoort

Format One-day open beach tournament, 8 teams

€ 5,- player fee
Info check our Facebookpage
Registration Below
The deadline for payment is the 20th of September. A team should consist at least 5 players. After payment your registration will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Pick-up players are also welcome. Just send an e-mail to discdate@mug-haarlem.nl and state your name and level, 1 (beginner) through 5 (grandmaster).

Haarlemse Frisbeevereniging MUG
NL06 TRIO 0197 9988 52

Details and the schedule will be mailed asap to all teams.


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Participating teams:

  • Once Flying High
  • MUG

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